Connectivity + Intelligence + Management

Our own development platform, optimized resources operators, is constantly evolving to provide all the necessary intelligence in the control and management of M2M connectivity.


All our SIM and M2M connectivity are managed from our platform, designed under standards of reliability and responsiveness. How? We work with the best servers. All our data are housed in two Tier IV Data Center Gold under a structure 24/7.Unlike 97% availability offered by other servers (average of 22 hours per year in potential failures connectivity), the TIER IV Gold assure us an availability of 99.9998%.

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Infrastructure with direct connections to multiple operators, whose continuous intelligent validation assures us that all our services and operation are under optimum efficiency for all our customers.


From our platform we manage all the necessary parameters to ensure the status of network connectivity enabling us immediately possible incidents on the network, even anticipating the operator itself.

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What advantages do we offer?

We never were offline. Always access your information


Keep your always connected devices, our SIM connect to the first available network. We perform remote communications to ensure that your work and are always at an optimum connection state audits. We have public and private APNs backup.

Consumption Control

We set consumption based on your needs. We have an alert system that lets you monitor consumption at all times your SIM cards installed. We notify the CRA and Installer if it exceeds consumption, avoiding surprises in the bills as a result of a malfunction or attempted fraud team.

M2M Consulting

We conducted a study of your situation and offer you the best M2M solution. What kind of card is the most appropriate, and what is the best for your transmitter installations.


– Ability to set different rates depending on the type of installation and customer needs.
– Changing the SIM statements and management through SMS without additional GSM modules.

Web access

Through our mobile application, you can access relevant information about your real – time M2M connectivity.

Real-time information

From our platform we manage: geolocation, information network saturation, order management, reporting consumption and traffic carried, collecting bills, list of cards + verification operation, improper or fraudulent use, and identification of abnormal situations in your communications and equipment.


We offer technical service and guarantee permanent replacement. No fine print. In case your cards or devices are damaged or need updating we take care of it.


Programming and access panels in different ways of communication through our transmitters. Remote connectivity.

Backup SMS + Voice

If the GPRS connection fail your equipment, we offer the service SMS + VOICE Back up to find out about their status.

Custom programming

All our equipment are supplied with each client and default configurations required solution, as well as links and programming of each CRA..

Availability: Tier IV Gold

Unlike 97% availability offered by other servers, TIER IV Gold assure us an availability of 99.9998%.


Securized VPN IP Sec, SSL. From our servers, we offer a securized internet connection, allowing information to be encrypted: only you know your communications information.

Discover our products

Our products are designed for companies that need to control, connect and get real-time information from their machines and equipment in order to improve the reliability and quality of its communications, ensuring the growth of its business and cost optimization.

We have solutions in connectivity and M2M cards,to suit all communication needs and ensure safe and optimal service to keep your customers satisfied.




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