We work with companies specializing in health to provide connectivity solutions that enhance the performance and availability

Telemedicine (mHealth) allows us to obtain information in real time and deliver medical solutions to any distance, making it essential to have information about the patient to make a correct diagnosis, monitoring and care. It also allows you to collect, store and analyze medical data, such as activation treatments, therapeutic monitoring, control stocks, expiration date, temperature and cycle of drugs…

EThis innovative technology has the potential to transform the concept of patient care, bringing health services to anyone, anywhere.


Sistemas de Seguridad

Telemedicine and homecare

Telemedicine and home care based on M2M connectivity lets you always have the regular telephone line. This innovation provides the patient be connected to your doctor and keep track of their treatment at any distance with full effectiveness.

Residential care home automation

Dependent patients are able to have a system that allows the physician access to any information, and thus know the records and abnormal situations that may occur in the home of the patient, either directly with the patient or caregiver, or making the system to provide alerts when changes in habits and routines that can induce episodes of risk are given.