Alternative communications management

Manage communications equipment GSM / GPRS ndo one Optim ensures connectivity

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We manage your equipment connectivity and coverage.


With different transmission routes, ensure the delivery of the signal and maintenance.


Manages real – time connectivity and saves costs.

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M2M applications adapted to market needs and businesses

  • Connectivity solutions for all residential, industrial, commercial, etc sectors; providing all the information necessary to prevent incidents, remote areas, access … and monitoring infrastructure maintenance.

  • Control and management of logistics services in general monitoring and geolocation commercial fleet, traffic, alert breakdowns, routes and asset tracking.

  • Control and monitoring equipment and displaced with restricted access, ignition devices and machines that require access to intelligent control: lights, cold, heating, etc.

  • Home care services, telemedicine, control and traceability of medicines, hospital resources optimization, appointment management, remote patient management…

  • Connectivity solutions for public sectors, machinery, organization and management of schedules, incidents, etc.

  • Information management and monitoring of agricultural equipment, optimization and productivity of weather stations, smart meters measuring real – time uses of energy, water or gas, maximizing production.


Applications and need for connectivity between machines is increasingly demanded. M2M communications are present in a variety of applications such as home automation, industrial and residential electronic security, fleet management, commercial purposes, telemedicine, patient monitoring… including remote medical and pharmacological solutions.

By using these new communication technologies improve impact not only on increasing the quality of life of people, but in preventing a number of incidents. These advances help improve sustainability by minimizing unnecessary travel and interventions on the ground, whilewe favor the creation of Smart Cities, more accessible and sustainable cities.